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This team consists of five men called Matthew "chops" Deryck, Matthew "Oscar" Rizzo, Robert "Bubs" Leonard, Sean Flood, and Corey "Sparkle" Markle.

Matthew Deryck
my name is matt. im 15, like 5'10" or something and like long slow walks on the beach..lol. well, i love paintballing, as you can tell. i mainly designed this website from scratch, with a little help from bubs. i play back and for the time being, i have a spyder electra dx. i know it aint a cocker or an angel but hey, i have no income and rely on shoveling snow and low paying jobs from my aunt.i know we just startd out but we need a sponsor. we can pay for paint and stuff so we ned sponsors to help out for tournament entries and expenses like guns and such. my e-mail is phatmattd@gmail.com so if you have ideas or anything, give me a buzz.

Matthew Rizzo
hey, im matt also. im 15 and somewhat around 5'6". i have brown hair and am older than my taller twin brother by 2 minutes. i live right next to chops and you can call me Oscar. bobby is the only bitch that has a car and is of legal age to drive it between all of us.i have even less of an income, but am a great moocher from my parents.this is proven for the fact that i have an outkast cocker with an egg and an hpa tank. bobby may have a car, but i have the best setup of all. we are only a three man team so if you live in Massuchusettes in the worecster or norfolk county(with a form of transportation) or even if you can get to fox4, come tryout and join the team.

Bobby Leonard
whut up homies. im 16(oooh yeah), im like 6 feet tall and have a Saturn sc2. wanna race? jp. ill be the one supplying my buddies with the sweet drives to our store and fields. i have a spyder shutter. i can snap like there's no tomorrow. im def. sick with my gun. i had a tippy, but once i bought my backup gun, it switched places with my tippy. im also the only one with a well paying job. i work 2-6 days a week, and get paid not too much but it still pays. the only shitty part is i have to devote alot of my money to my car and insurance payments. either way, we still need a sponsor. wanna chat about shit we've talked about, you can e-mail me too. rhleonard@gmail.com

Corey Markle
My names Corey im 17 i've been playing paintball since 6th grade my first game was a pump game. So cheesy. Ya unlike bubs i dont have to pay insurance so i therefore have my money to myself to buy sweet paintball gear....only i quit my job about 2 months ago and have no income. Im working on a sponsorship with my gramps bar and it seems to be going smooth. I love this sport it is very thrilling and if you havent tried it well get out there and play its good for your body spirit and mind....well idk about that but its awesome. Ya IM me my SN is Destroymydreamsx

Sean Flood
Yah, im sean and I play mid I guess......I am currently using a tippman 98 piece of shit. But im getting a better gun of course....uhhhh yah I've been playing for like a year now and yah I guess we have a team and were gunna wreck everyone that comes our way.....I live next to markle and I guess were gonna get some sponsors and win alot.......

Pat Masters
Im Pat, im 16, i like to skateboard,snowboard, paintball, hunt, fish, and chill wit my friends .I'm getting a Diablo Wrath, probably going to keep it mostly stock for a while until sum new upgrades come out for it...i will probably get a dropforward at first but thats about it...ill be shootin nitro through it i have a 4500 psi bulldog fiber wrapped nitro tank

heres some of our guns together